Day Three And I Already Screwed Up.

Day three of my mini-blogging marathon, all month long, baby.

It’s almost 9:00am. I slept maybe four hours, thanks to… well, I really don’t know.

I never posted yesterday, which really messes with my sense of continuity. And it was only day three. #Ifuckedup.

41Yd7etRlqL._SY445_And now it’s the Fourth of July, and in an effort to find cool things on the internet, I came across these. Yes, it’s leggings with the Declaration of Independence printed on them. And if you’ll notice, they also look kind of vintage-y, because the paper in real life is like, 200+ years old, y’all. I’m so glad the good people of Yizzam are keeping things authentic.

You can buy these here on Amazon, but then you’d be like, a year too early, like people who stock up on Christmas stuff on December 26th because everything is on sale. (It’s also Boxing Day.) How in the bloody hell some folks can look look that far forward in life is baffling to me. I honestly don’t know whether or not I’m going to leave the house in 20 minutes to go to yoga.

From Amazon: “These leggings are exquisite for day or evening wear.” I don’t know about that; I’d rather sweat my ass off in ’em in yoga.


Pretend like you just asked me if I went to yoga.

“I did go to yoga! And it was fucking great!” I really don’t think I’ve ever not felt like that, even if I don’t do every single Chaturanga.

It’s just after 1:00pm. The World Cup just started. It’s Brazil against Columbia. My husband and I were going to flip a coin to see who we would root for, which should a) tell you how emotionally invested we are (which is not much), and b) tell you the likelihood of me walking into the other room in 10 minutes to write, without having a stadium full of Brazilians in stereo roaring in my ear. But my legs feel like noodles from class and I really don’t want to get up just to get a coin. My phone is right here; do you think there’s a “coin flip” app?

I know what’s good for me. I know how to push myself, and I know how to get up off the stupid couch and get to yoga. Does that mean I do it every time? Hellz, no. But I did today. And I have proof.

Take that, bitches. 

photo (9) 2

So have a safe, fantastic holiday! Happy Fourth of July! I’ll be poolside soon… ❤ ❤ ❤


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