Before Midnight, After Midnight.

Day 10 of my mini-blogging marathon, all month long, baby.

I almost blew it just now. While I was typing away on my new one for elephant, I dozed off and when I looked up, it was 11:12pm. That’s what happens when you’re trying to write while you’re lying on your stomach on your bed.

(By the way, this is me cheating. I have to edit out all the typos I made trying to get this up before 12:00, which has passed. Oh well, fuck it.)

Time for a nighttime wrap up of the day.


I slept in ’til 9:30, which is incredibly late for me.

I got a sweater I ordered on ebay. As you can see, it’s not normal.

I spent at least half the day writing about death and dying.

I got a boxful of chocolates in the mail from my mother-in-law. So happy.

I taught myself the Smiths’ song Asleep on my guitar, the song that’s been swirling in my mind since Monday. I’m thinking about staying up all night with it.

I taught my yoga class. I gave them an extra few minutes in Savasana.

I thought about doing the NYC Midnight Challenge. I’ve done it four or five times already, and I still haven’t cracked the first round. It’s fun if you love deadlines, but it can be torture.

Speaking of midnight, I gotta go. A cat outside is making the weirdest nose. It could be a racoon. Yup, I’ll be awake all night. And how is your night?



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Anne Clendening is an L.A. chick, born and raised. She is a writer of creative nonfiction and other sordid tales of life, love and other L.A. adventures.

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