Wanna Live Forever? “Everyone Dies” Is Up on Elephant, Baby!

My best friend Ronna, with someone much less fortunate.


So I broke my posting streak yesterday, which doesn’t do me any favors for my need for continuity. Screw it! The world cup is behind us, so can we go back to acting civilized? “Everyone Dies” is up on Elephant. (I almost used an exclamation point there, which seemed a little weird and disrespectful, even though I can be a little weird and disrespectful.)

“When the dust finally settles, that’s when the grief kicks in like an obnoxious, uninvited guest who barges into your house, climbs into your bed and orders a pizza. Lord only knows how long they’ll be there.”

P.S. “It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate, it takes guts to be gentle and kind…” -The Smiths, “I Know It’s Over”

In other words, I love you all, and be kind. If anyone trashes this piece, I’ll be saving you a seat in hell. The bad, hot fiery hell, not the fun one.


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Anne Clendening ♥

Anne Clendening is an L.A. chick, born and raised. She is a writer of creative nonfiction and other sordid tales of life, love and other L.A. adventures.

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