Yes. No. Maybe.

This is day 3 of 30. I messed up last time.

 photo 13c077ae-cff1-4281-b802-b94233be5e77_zps2847ac82.jpg(Yes, I enlarged the font.)

Yes. I got up out of bed. (Starting off strong here.)

No. For once, I didn’t stay up late the night before.
Maybe. I’m thinking of wearing pink lipstick today. I never wear pink lipstick.

Yes. I planned my yoga class around the Vira Namaskar Sequence. See below, it’s fantastic. The “Warrior Salutations” remind me of the Darh Vader sequence I want to create.
No. I’m not going to the market after class, because I’ll probably end up spending over $100 on stupid stuff like fancy sodas and ice cream.
Maybe. Sometimes I think I should stay home, put on a pot of coffee and write.

Yes. I love teaching yoga.
No: I don’t love teaching yoga when people are acting weird.
Maybe. I might teach “super soldier” today, I have a feeling no one likes it.

Yes. I took the convertible top down, fired up Depeche Mode and cruised over to the yoga studio.
No. At no point did it occur to me that it sucked to take the convertible top down, fire up Depeche Mode and cruise to the yoga studio. Because it doesn’t. 
Maybe. I could be re-living my youth… and it wouldn’t be the first time.  Just the other night, I had a puff of a clove.

Yes. I went to the market and ended up spending over $100 on stupid stuff, like fancy sodas and ice cream.
No. I don’t regret it.
Maybe. I’ll discontinue the channels that show “Top Gear” and “Wheeler Dealers.” (This has gotten ridiculous. I mean really  babe, it’s been like four hours in a row of boring car shows.)

Yes. I love my life.
No. There was a funeral today for someone I knew. I didn’t go.
Maybe. I’ll put on some coffee, score some ice cream and stay up all night writing. That’s when things start to get interesting…

Yes. I have good ideas from time to time, like staying up all night writing.
No. If I stay up, I’ll never make it to yoga tomorrow morning.
Maybe. I can post an old article on here. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m lying on the burgundy velvet couch and I’m feeling lazy.

Yes. I just put on a little pink lipstick, and I’m wonering how long it’ll be ’til my husband notices.
No. I don’t like funerals.
Maybe. We’re all in this thing together, this life, this yoga, this search, this truth, this parade, this place between heaven and earth, this existence built on love, hate, confusion, happiness, weddings, babies, divorce, dogs, car shows, Porsches, birthdays, sorrow, life and death. It’s got soul. And it’s right here, right now.


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Anne Clendening ♥

Anne Clendening is an L.A. chick, born and raised. She is a writer of creative nonfiction and other sordid tales of life, love and other L.A. adventures.

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