It Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Horse you Ride in on, BABY: (You’re Still a Cowboy.)

Caitlyn Jenner sure opened a can of gender-blending conversation bait this week…

And I live in Hollywood, where I see this stuff every day. Still, I have a few new favorite things that came out of this piece:

The photo. I love it. It’s hot.

This sentence (on looking around at the people at the Hollywood bar where I worked): I think Mad Max somehow got it on with the Black Swan, after which she laid a bunch of eggs when a lightning bolt sashayed down from the heavens to the tune of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” and struck the nest, which ended up bursting into a mosh pit of flames and glitter and out came these night crawlers, subculturists and sexual free spirits in corsets on a Friday night, ready to disco down.

This truth: We’d all be better off if we didn’t try to change each other, or censor things, burn books, diminish a person’s experience as freakish or demented, spread lies or talk out of our asses. It’s all just rude.

Read it on elephant journal:




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