elephant journal

Smile, Weep Or Curse Me: My Column On elephant journal.

If “What the fuck?” is the question, this is the answer.

tongueA few words from readers about my elephant journal column: “I want to give you a slow clap and then rise up out of my seat for a standing ovation!” I’m bitter and arrogant, juvenile, insulting and cruel… My writing is breathtaking in it’s beauty and raw honesty, supercilious, judgemental… “Please do the world a favor and write a book!” It’s pseudo enlightened snobby bullshit. “I’m quitting elephant journal! This is just offensive!” “You are a soul mate. f*cking awesome.” I’m vicious, awful, empty and shallow… “My favorite writer on EJ!” I’m fun, thoughtful, genuine, a sex kitten, and “Amen!! Simply amazing!” “I really, really love your writing! Hells yeah!” It’s pathentic, brutal, and poignant… “That free and wild spirit could never be tamed!”

And my favorite: “sexist clap trap.” Huh??!

Go for it, baby. Click here ❤

Tell me you dig it.

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